Format: You will be sent a short drama script along with specific self-tape instructions and a deadline. Once you have submitted your self-tape it will be reviewed, and written feedback will be emailed to you. The feedback will cover both technical and performance notes. Feedback will normally be provided within 4 days of receiving the self-tape.

Participation: There will be a limit to the number of places available. Places will be allocated on a first-come basis and a waiting list will be operational. We are currently only booking for January 2021.

Application: To apply please email stating your name, contact details and the link to your Spotlight or Mandy page. You do not need to include your photo or CV. The subject line of the email should be your name plus self-tape review, e.g. “John Smith / Self Tape Review.”  Applications from actors under the age of 16 will need to be made by their parent or responsible adult, and the age of the child must be included in the email.

Closing Date: All applications need to be sent in by Thursday 21st January.

Cost: £15 payable by bank transfer once your place has been confirmed. A percentage of the fee will be donated to charity.

Charity: St Mungo’s

Confidentiality: Participants will be asked to adhere to the confidentiality clause supplied with the script. Self-tapes cannot be used for any other purpose and cannot be shared on any other platform. Casting Director will delete the self-tape clips once written feedback has been given.

Disclaimer: All notes and advice are own personal opinion.